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New garage doors! 

While it may be an afterthought to some, a home’s garage door is an essential component of its exterior design and curb appeal. Not only can replacing a garage door significantly enhance and update the overall look, but it’s also a great way to add value to your home. With so many options to choose from – full view garage doors, raised panel garage doors, carriage garage doors, cedar garage doors, and custom wood garage doors – it’s easy to find a garage door that will revamp your home’s architecture.

We Make it Easy

Our goal is to make the process of selecting a new garage door as easy as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Garage Door Styles

Your decision should be based on personal preference and the style of your home. While some architectural styles tend to pair well with a specific garage door style -- like modern architecture with full-view doors, or Victorian architecture with carriage house doors -- the choice is ultimately yours. What's your garage door style?


Aluminum Full View

Contemporary look of aluminum & glass.

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A timeless, classic look with durability & affordability.

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Old-world style with modern convenience.


The elegance of wood without the maintenance.

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Modern Flush Full view Doors

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Custom Barn Garage Doors

Sleek, clean lines and a geometric silhouette.



Classic Two Tone steel doors

Wood Look Style Steel doors


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New Garage Door Basics

Step 1 is deciding on the type of door you’d like. The budget-conscious options are made out of vinyl or thin steel. The most popular doors are made of quality steel & are always a great mid-grade choice. Then you have the higher end doors with wood overlays & aluminum all the way up to pure wood, “full view”/glass, copper, and other more exotic materials.

Next, we like to give customers a “good”, “better” or “best” option on the internal material of your garage door.

“Good” Option:

These doors typically have a strong steel exterior & a quality bottom seal to keep the weather & bugs out. They’re “hollow” in that they are only a stamped sheet of steel hinged together to form the door. They do come with struts that run along the inside of the door for added support, but these doors will have zero insulation & not quite carry the same durability as higher options. Many customers still get 10+ years of quality operation out of these types of doors.

“Better” Option:

These doors have all the characteristics of the “Good” Option, but they have an added, thick layer of insulation to help regulate temperature inside your garage. Because the panels are thicker, the door is more stable & smooth as it opens & closes. You’re going to have a longer life span with this door, and your garage will stay a bit more cozy during extreme hot & cold temperatures outside. If you work or spend much time in your garage, we always recommend adding insulation.

“Best” Option:

Customers that choose the “Best” Option get an all-around, incredible product. This door has even more enhanced insulation by using polystyrene insulation & then covered by an added sheet of steel on the inside of the door. These doors are the thickest & thus the most durable option for your home. You’re getting the maximum insulation for added comfort whenever you’re packing up those Christmas lights or changing the oil in July. Remember with this door, you’re going to need more powerful garage door springs & opener to ensure the door is balanced properly for a long lifespan.

To Window Or Not To Window? That Is The Question.

Once you’ve got the guts figured out, it’s as simple as selecting the right style for your home. Window inserts can give a huge boost to the curb appeal by breaking up the look of a giant white wall on the front of your home.

For safety reasons, the window inserts are actually plexiglass instead of real glass. Real glass wouldn’t be able to withstand all the natural vibrations from your garage door going up & down for very long.

You can also get these inserts tinted easily for added privacy.

Add Decorative Hardware For A Classic Style.

Carriage house garage doors are extremely popular for 1 main reason: the decorative hardware. Carriage house doors can get pricey fast, but you can add similar decorative hardware to any new garage door you choose. Oversized bolt caps & classic reinforced hinges are easily the most popular options available.

Why Choose Us To Help With Your New Door?

We’re confident you’ll have a great experience. From your first phone call, you & your wallet will be treated with respect. We know both are important 🙂 Our goal isn’t to simply sell you a new garage door. We want to help you make a well-informed decision & end up with a product that you’ll love for many years. Whether you old door is worn out or you’re investing in your curb appeal for an upcoming sale, our team is here to help you make a great decision.

Contact Us Today To Begin Designing Your New Garage Door.

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